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March 23, 2009


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Richard P. Schmitt

Wifi for $29/month. Can you get a Cadillac, park it in your driveway and use the internet for $29/mth? I think we pay Comcast $39/mth. There must be a speed hit since it is wifi, not cable, but I do not play WOW.
When will the wifi be available in the Cobalt :-))


useful for RE agents and on the road sales people....dangerous for everyone else.

Charles F. Wilkes

I'm not interested as a driver using WiFi while driving, but due to the stupid unavailability of WiFi almost everywhere here in the heart of Silicon Valley especially in restaurants which is double stupid, I would love to be able to access WiFi while in my car, even if not driving. How can I buy such a unit? Seems to me that a high-gain bidirectional antenna in the WiFi channel range should be able to find a free WiFi signal within range almost anywhere, and avoid another monthly fee, which I hate. For example I love my iPod Touch, but absolutely would not buy an iPhone due to the tie-in with AT&T which I just won't do no matter what.

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