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November 04, 2012


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Tom Stirewalt

I too have a Dell Duo. I too spent a day last week upgrading to the full Win8pro.
Since I support a lot of users, I have not succumbed to Start8 (but wish I could).
Machine does seem faster with 8 than it did with 7home. Have not actually run any benchmarks yet.
However, I like it, and use the Duo for note taking when I am out in the field, saving all to either Dropbox or Evernote.
Keep up the good work!
Like the new bird. Years ago we (wife, me, and about 5 Irish Wolfhounds) fostered a 5 yr. old Blue Fronted Amazon for about 10 months. The dogs treated it like a puppy and licked it to bathe it. The bird would ride on the back of the biggest male and would beg french fries from there. Of course he also bit a hole in my ear while riding on my shoulder - he never said if it tasted good.

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