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June 26, 2007


Chuck Newton

Just as in the Book of Job (maybe we can call it the MacBook of Job), the term "the Satan" appears in the prose prologue, with his usual connotation of "the adversary," as a distinct being. In this case, that would be the PC. Satan is characterize as that member of the divine council who watches over human activity, but with the evil purpose of searching out men's sins and appearing as their accuser. He is, as it were, a celestial "prosecutor," who sees only iniquity.

Will Wallace

A greater dilemna exists for those who engage in "bi-systemality", using both Windows and Mac OS computers and apps. It seems the tenets of both operating religions see us as heretics and outcasts, worse than those who pick one side over the other. Heaven knows what also using Linux means for your computing soul.

Seriously, love my mac, but not the holier than thou attitude of some who use macs. Enthusiasm is great, choosing to blindly support one platform and ignore fact all these folks are contributing to computing advances is foolish imo. So i choose to straddle the fence, and happily run my Windows and Mac machines. Thus far they get along quite nicely on my network at home....

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