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January 16, 2008


Grant D. Griiffiths

This day will go down in history as the day, you Rick Georges came to your, shall I say, senses. LOL. Just kidding of course. It is amazing. The Air will work for some and not for some. I for one and my Developer are more of a power user and we need the power associated with the MacBook or MacBook Pro. But, you are right. It is an amazing looking machine.

Ben Stevens


The "grand" upgrade is for a solid-state harddrive and faster processor. The upgraded HD is actually smaller than the "base" model, but it is much, much faster and better. I don't use ethernet ports now, so I don't see where the lack of one is a problem. This baby is designed to be wireless like no other computer in the world, and it looks like it can do just that.


Chuck Newton

Grant gets a lot of grief for looking at the pretty girls (or computers as the case may be).


AGH. This makes me drool. I just recently bought a macbook, and I said to myself as I was in the mac store, "I bet they'll come out with a really hot machine as soon as I buy this," andddd voilĂ ! one month later! Damn you Steve Jobs and all your well-designed gadgets I want to own!

but alas... I cannot complain. We are moving closer and closer to a Macintoshian nationstate where all technology is streamlined and simple. Down with Vista (it's so crappy)!

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