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March 09, 2008



I am so frustrated with Paperport 11 (Professional!) that I hope I never meet someone from Nuance. I might not be able to contain myself. I've purchased every version since I got version 1 with my first scanner. The crappy program won't do half of what the first one did. My secretary hates me because I "upgraded" her version from number 9. This is the worst advancement in software I've ever encountered. I can hardly wait till they destroy Dragon Naturally Speaking.

Frank Meschler

I avoided upgrading form PaperPort 9.0 for the sole reason of activation. After installing Vista's SP1, PaperPort 9.0 no longer functioned. I bought ver 11, my first problem was with activation when I decided to dump Vista and re-install XP Pro.
What I found most annoying were the pack of lies in Nuance FAQ's about activation benefiting the consumer. The second problem is Nuance total lack of concern and extremely slow and poor support. I use both Dragon and PaperPort from Nuance and have lost numerous hours directly attributable to activation.
Frank J Meschler

Ian Caddis

Until I actually experience the difficulties others are having with Nuance, I would like to try to resolve my Paperport difficulties with them directly. Does anyone have an actual e-mail address for their customer support?

Thank you.


Nuance rep

Hi, i've read all of your concerns . I am a Consultant at Nuance i can help you upgrade to version 12 of paperport for a reconciling price, due to your concerns with the previous software. email me at ccasey@marketinc.com


I too used to upgrade to the newest PaperPort whenever a new version came about. When I received version 10 and saw that it required activation, I sent it back for a full refund. My concerns about activation and how Nuance would screw the consume have been realized.

The solution is simple: Most all-in-one scanners come with an activation free bundled copy of PaperPort Standard. That's what I use. Nuance used to get my money from me every year. Now I just save up the $100-$150 I used to hand to Nuance and apply it towards a Dell or Brother all-in-one.

Every once in a while, I'd get a call from some sales drone inviting me to upgrade. I'd refuse citing activation. To which I'd get some script about how simple and easy it is to activate. Finally end the end, I told the sales rep that we should just agree to disagree and that Nuance should just not call me anymore until activation has been removed. Nuance, you stink for treating paying customers like thieves. Have sales really gone up?


I had to uninstall PDF Creator 6 due to activation issues and was happily using PaperPort 12 until I just exceeded the activated number. Having spent many, many hours trying to resolve this issue along with getting the same "you must be doing something illegal" attitude from Nuance customer support, I am totally frustrated. I have software that is useless yet have only installed it on one machine during the life of the product. The sales calls stopped when I asked why I should buy more products from a company that caused me to have to downgrade back to an earlier version of their product due to their activation issues. I now have an $80 frisbee on my desk. No thank you. Now I have PaperPort 12, which is useless, PDF Creator 6, which is useless and PDF Creator 5, which is useless. Buyer beware.


I too am a long time paperport user who was forced to upgrade to 12 because of Windows 7. Paperport 12 absolutely sucks beyond comprehension. What use to take thirty seconds now takes twenty minutes. The new "features" are useless to the vast majority of customers and the functions I use to use daily now are virtually impossible to do in a timely manner. I am going to slick my hard drive, install an old version of Windows XP, and reinstall Paperport 9.

Thanks for totally screwing up a great piece of software!!!

dennis blewitt

I quite using PDF converter. Nuance couldn't get the activate notice to retire. I bot a full adobe and things are fine.


I have the same experience with Nuance PDF Convertor.The program keeps requesting additional activations each time I use it. Nuance helpdesk reaction was that using a USB memory stick is considered as a computer hardware change which causes a new activation.
They say I accepted the end user agreement when buying the problem so it is my own fault. They refuse to solve the problem and won't give me my money back.


I agree with everything said here. Really bad issues with reactivating on new Laptops where the old one died. I bought 3 licenses in an attempt to stop the surge of Adobe taking over the whole IT Software market, however after dealing with this Nuance software strategy i have opted to instead help Adobe in its global domination.
Definately stay away from Nuance.

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