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July 30, 2008


R. Scott King

My only complaint with the Kindle is its proprietary content requirement. I bought my college age son a Sony Ebook last Christmas and he was able to download most of his required reading for a Classics course free of charge. The Sony reads PDF, TXT, RTF, DOC, LRF, LRX, JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP, MP3, AAC w/o DRM. This seems much more versatile than the Kindle's very limited media formats.


The Kindle also "reads" TXT, JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP, MP3 and Audible formats (and those MP3's can either play as background music as you read, in shuffle mode, or be audio books that you play in sequence). Add in all PRC and MOBI books that are non-DRM. If you have PDF or DOC, you do have to translat that to a Mobi format (which AZW is just a DRM'd version): you can do that for free by emailing the doc to your Kindle address (10 cents charge if you are too lazy to transfer it via USB yourself) or use a program like MobiCreator (which also translates HTML and other formats) to do the translation work yourself. It's pretty much a non-issue.

You can even download those non-drm'd classics via free whispernet (due to the free web browser built in) and even use FeedBooks to build a "newspaper" of any blog and download that for free as well.

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