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January 27, 2009


Bryan Short


Sorry that you have had negative experiences with Ubuntu at least with what I assume to be extensive editing of xorg.conf. I would say that the VAST majority of users (including rank novices) will never need to touch xorg.conf in Ubuntu with the advent of 8.10 (i.e. Intrepid Ibex).

Also, printers/scanners are generally easy to install in Ubuntu.

Although, I concur that what will hold most law firms back from Ubuntu will be the timekeeping/accounting programs which are invariably windows only and nearly impossible to get running under WINE.


Not only is there the problem of the need for Windows only legal specific software, but there is also the problem of legal assistants and paralegals. I've encountered few that are geeks. Most throw up their hands and call for IT help if the computer hiccups. They really aren't interested in learning how to work with what is to them an obscure OS. You might be able to pull it off if you worked with no assistance, but if you've got help it will be a constant battle.

Malcolm Pearson

I have to agree with you, Linux, and now with great distributions like Ubuntu, cannot be implemented easily into the legal market, as just about 95% of software is written for Windows only. I suppose it all started with Word Processors, and thinks like WordPerfect only ran on DOS/Windows in the beginning, so the natural progression was the MS operating systems. I think SaaS is going to play a big part in promoting "anything you want" as an OS. Also at the moment, if firms use Terminal Server extensively, there is no reason why not to run Ubuntu. Problem is the hardware suppliers, supply MS on their systems, and there is such a small difference to no OS, that people just agree to MS. Maybe as the economy keeps pushing, we may see a lot of firms adopting a Terminal Server environment, and then refreshing the OLD PC's with a thin operating system that just loads the bare essentials, and this is where Linux is strong.

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