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January 26, 2010


Jay L. T. Breakstone

"[T]he yoke of Palm[?]" Oh, come on! You abandoned your first and truest love when some new hussy came around. You couldn't wait for your childhood sweetheart to grow up. You went for the obvious; the tart; the all-feathers and bangles showgirl. Like anyone who has partaken of the Kool-Aid, you view the true believer as living under the "yoke" of being denied the enlightenment. You've become the Jim Jones of smartphones. Shocking, I say. Proof, you say? Hey, weren't you the guy who regaled readers with your jiffy pocket Wi-Fi gizmo? Now, when your April Love comes across with, well, that same thing but better, you say "Feh!" Oh, 'ye of the fickle heart!

You may never own a Pre. You are forbidden. You are a Droid-ite. In fact, we're not even sure this is really you. Someone says they found a pod lying on the ground of your blog. Aha!


Jay Jay. I am he of whom you speak. We are Droid. We are invincible.
Seriously the wifi router that Cradlepoint sells is a better deal. I can share with up to 15 users. Palm only alows 5. I can use my usb stick with any computer or plug in to the Cradlepoint. Palm didnt take care of me. Palm waited too long to come to the Party.

Sent from my Droid. Adapt. Overcome.

Jay L. T. Breakstone


I guess my problem is that I don't even know 15 people.

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