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April 30, 2010


Garry Miracle

Have you tried to read the screen in bright sunlight? Is it as hard to read?

R. Scott King

Is there any truth to the rumor that there is an email syncing issue with the Droids in which you can't retain a version or your email on your computer when you open it on your phone. If this is true, it poses a big problem for work use.

Rick Georges

I don't use the inphone email solution, so I don't know. Since Gmail comes standard, I use it to sync with my Gmail account. Syncs are instantaneous and no problems. My Gmail is always the same on my phone and my computer. Any changes I make on either automatically appear on the other. If you sync to an office server, there might be a problem, but I don't know. Check the blogs and the forums with a Google search.

Rick Georges

While I am thinking about it, can't you set the options on the Droid email client not to delete the emails from your server? then, you would have them when you used your computer to download them from the server?

Rick Georges

I can't read anything in direct sunlight. So, I don't try. But, most modern cell phone screens are not very usable in direct sunlight. Get thee under a tree!

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