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June 15, 2010



Yeah, I kind of get where you're coming from on this, but there are a bunch of versions of Office which have come down a lot in price over the years.

Google Docs is definitely getting there but it's not quite there yet. I've tried Open Office over the years but it's pig ugly and clunky in just too many places. I'd rather pay for MS Office tbh, instead of suffering with a second-rate product! :p

Maybe you should ask for a pay rise to help fund your purchase of Office 2010... or else just get an "enterprise edition key" from your software guy. We all know such a person, right? ;-)

John Federico

I disagree. Word is still the best word processor out there. I haven't loaded up Word 2010 yet, but Word 2007 is great, and I will be loading Word 2010 soon. Open Office isn't bad, but I don't think it is possible to draft a proper legal document in Google docs that requires any type of complex formatting. I just did a brief review of Word, Word Web App and Google docs at http://www.affinityconsulting.com/blog/2010/06/14/microsoft-office-word-web-app-v-google-docs-v-microsoft-word/. My current conclusion is that web based word processors still have a long way to go to be viable as an alternative to desktop word processors.

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