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June 27, 2010


Charles Jannace

I bought a Droid Eris the week it came out. I didn't grumble and gnash my teeth when weeks later VZW started giving them away free with a box of Cracker Jacks. I figured that that's a risk of being an early adopter. (For purposes of the next comment please appreciate that my iPhone 3GS is still my smartphone of choice. The Eris is more of a curiosity, just a way to keep up with Android tech developments.) If my smartphone of choice had an Android OS I think I'd be grumbling and gnashing my teeth on a daily basis. It seems that every month there's a newer and significantly better Android OS smartphone thereby rendering obsolete last month's latest and greatest. The Droid Eris (and Motorola Droid) was surpassed by the Incredible which was surpassed by the EVO 4G which was surpassed by the X. Granted, they're all waiting for Froyo but the hardware improvements are amazing. My Eris looks like the fake tattoo from the Cracker Jack box of the 60s. There's nothing longer than a two years contract when the hardware has been leapfrogged 5 times in 4 months. In contrast, the iPhone's hardware stays current even when the OS gets a significant bump up (like 3.1 to 4). Open source does have its advantages but not necessarily when your hardware is tethered to VZW, Sprint, or AT&T.

Finis Peice

Are you going to borrow their power cords when your battery is dead?

Charles Jannace

I'm working on my third iPhone (and will purchase my fourth when I finally learn if VZW will be offering it) and have never regretted being unable to swap a battery. I have chargers at home, in the office, the car, and the briefcase. Simple organization trumps inconvenience.

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