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August 28, 2010


Jonathan Locker

As an attorney I have also been "testing" Google Voice, and I really like it.

My only questions is: Do you own your number?

With the local phone company, as long as you pay your bill, no one can take that number away from you. And a phone number printed on cards, letterhead, websites, etc. is very valuable.

I have not found anything in writing indicating if you own your Google Voice number, or if you can ever own it. That would be my only concern.

Rick Georges

Good question. Google leases the number and "owns" it to the extent that they control it. However, Google wouldn't be in business long if they started stealing numbers. And, you can port the number to any other service that supports it. So, I am not that worried. Hell, the local phone company can screw up your number just as well. I am still marketing with my old phone numbers; Google Voice is an add-on.


I have not used a business land-line for years: Vonage (ugh, got rid of that), Skype, Magic Jack, and now I'm trying Google. I do pay a small monthly price for email transcriptions of voice mails. But maybe Google will resolve that too.

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