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October 22, 2010


Charles Jannace

I have an iPad and a Dell Latitude XT touchscreen laptop (full hard keyboard). Since buying the iPad I have been bringing only it to Court for three reasons. First, instant on which gives me a lot of flexibility whether I'm there for a quick hearing or a full jury trial. Second, the form factor, I literally slide the iPad in my thinnest of attaché cases without adding to the bulk or carrying another bag for the laptop with battery charger etc. Third and perhaps most important, I'm not in Court to produce or edit, I'm there to consume, to review documents, to pull up case law, to pull up my calendar, to email my secretary to do things she's done over and over in 11 years, to search the Net, to get my FutureLawyer RSS feed. I ain't typing briefs, revising contracts, or producing anything other than notes and guess what, there's an app for that. The laptop is for the office when the phone doesn't ring. See the difference? For litigators it is a big practical difference.

rick georges

I would agree with you; except that I use my notebook in Court to plug into a projector and project stuff on a screen. It connects with a USB port. And, my notebook is very thin, an Acer Aspire Timeline. And, it has an 8 hour battery life, that will get through a whole day without charging. And, I can carry a spare battery. And, for quick and dirty email and web browsing, I use my 4.3 inch screen Droid X, which I carry on my belt or in my pocket. And, well, I do agree with checking the FutureLawyer RSS feed, Charles! :-)

Charles Jannace

Oh my. I hadn't really looked at the Timeline until now. Very impressive features and a great price. Do you have a 14" or a 15.6" screen? Kinda beats the poo poo out of a MacBook, doesn't it?

rick georges

You can get the timeline with either sized screen. I like the 14 since it is small enough to put in any briefcase, but big enough to do real work. I got mine for $400. See if you can get one of the new Macbooks for that.


HP are so embarrassed of this trainwreck, they've virtually tried to hide it!

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