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October 29, 2010


Edward  Adamsky

I sometimes get emails that are weird but don't appear to have anything attached. I just got one asking for price quotes on solar panels and printer ink. What's with that sort of thing? Is this a scam or a way to give me a virus or just to get my email address if I respond?

Rick Georges

I'd have to see the email to give an opinion. It sounds more like ordinary spam to me. But, I wouldn't ever reply to spam either. If you are interested in a product, manually type the url in your browser, and see what comes up.

Edward  Adamsky

As a lawyer I've received emails that ask for help with collecting a debt or judgement and I'm sure they are bogus scams so I delete them. But why would I get an email asking me to give my price for a product I don't sell? I've received several variations of such things over the last few months. There are no attachments, just a generic email that asks questions that don't apply to me. Like, what is the price you charge for solar cells (which I don't even remotely sell). I just delete them, but I'm curious what they might be doing for the sender (I know what the scam emails do for the sender ...)

Charles Jannace

Forward no non-business emails that have been forwarded to you. Period.

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