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January 22, 2011


charles jannace

OK, that does it. I want to be adopted into your family and tech budget. I am preparing to file a Petition for Adoption in Hillsborough County. You can either agree and sign a Consent Order or it will be a fully contested proceeding with home studies and DSS investigations with full character and background checks. Please advise where and when you would like to be served. Be governed accordingly. That is all. Smoke 'em if you got 'em. Over and out.

Rick Georges

Be careful what you wish for. If I didn't want to stay here in the warmth of Florida, I might sign a waiver of extradition. On the other hand, it is sunny and 60 outside, and we are going to dinner after Mass, and then sit out on the patio, playing with our tablets, and drinking alcoholic beverages. Just a pleasant Saturday evening in sunny Florida.


Thats a pretty nice set-up if do say so myself! That must put the ipad to shame!!!


Neither the Nook Color or the Gtab can hold a candle to my new favorite Adam Tab, though it comes in at a bit of a higher price point. You get the best of both worlds, with the pixel Qi screen, (e-ink and full color options) a ground up reworking of the android interface with genesis, dual core tegra chip set with custom settings to conserve battery life, all the external inputs, and a swivel mounted camera in case you like video conferenceing. plus it's right up there with a 10 inch 16:9 HD capable screen for movie nuts, and full flash and android app support. Worth looking into when the allow their second set of buying (only the pre-orders have shipped thus far)


I think a great use of a tablet for lawyers would be to replace the legal pad. Can you write on the screen of a GTablet and then save the file to your hard drive? Can you recommend a tablet that would do that?

Barry Miller

I've been keeping my eye on the gTablet since reading your series of posts on it. I had pretty much decided to buy it when the price was right, then Woot offered it for $279 earlier this week. So I jumped on it. Rooted it last night and installed to new ROM. I'm already enjoying it more than my wife's iPad. But there is one serious lack, and that is the inability to protect it with a password. I'm hoping that the 3.x flavor of the OS will have that capability. Until that comes along, I'm leery of putting my firm Exchange email account on the tablet. It still has many uses for law practice, but I'm not willing to put client information on it until it has that basic level of security.

What are your thoughts, especially in light of your link earlier this week to Ride the Lightning's post and podcast on the Deplorable State of Law Firm Security?


Great question. Since I keep my data in the Google Cloud it is protected by the Google password. No problem.

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