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February 28, 2011


Charles Fincher

Nice review, Rick. But, you convinced me a while back to buy a Dell Inspiron. Well, I did do independent research, too. It's not getting very good reviews, but I disagree with them and agree with a theme running through your reviews -- i.e., to be useful, you need a keyboard to input to a tablet. The Dell is a clunky tablet, but is just fine for reading newspapers, and you can immediately switch to the keyboard mode, as I did with this comment. Took it traveling last week, and using it in the motel in both modes -- keyboard for work and tablet for newspapers -- confirmed my decision.

Rick Georges

But, Charlie, I am the FutureLawyer! I have to buy all the gadgets and test them. :-) I still use my Dell Duo for work; but, the GTablet is nice for on the go browsing and email, and it makes a great mobile TV. And, I can read news on it too.

Philip D. Cave

I'm leaning toward the GTablet. But: sluggish software? bad screen angle? no apps market? If I'm reading that right.

rick georges

You have to root it Philip. Then you have to download and flash the Rom. Then you have to fiddle with the settings and enable the market. You need to be a geek or know one. If you take me with you onyour next trip I will do it for you!

Charles Fincher

"...I am the Future Lawyer..." Nice, Rick. I now envision you with cape and mask.

Rick Georges

Yes, of course. But, and I cannot say this strongly enough, NO TIGHTS!

Charles Fincher

Tights?! Egad! The thought never crossed my mind. This IS NOT the Lucha Libre.

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