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June 03, 2014


Debra L Bruce

I agree that one can still start a solo practice and be successful. I think there is far more than a generational difference between starting a law practice in 1973 and starting one now, however. When I started practicing in 1980, there were approximately 35,000 lawyers in Texas. Today there are almost 90,000. Demographic changes combined with advances in technology have made the practice of law a far more competitive business than anyone had to deal with in the 1970's. And finally, when I went to law school, students didn't graduate with student debt equal to a home mortgage. I don't think students should go to law school today unless they are passionate about becoming lawyers. It's not a safe fallback degree anymore.


And you kids stay off my lawn! You are sounding a bit cranky today, Richard. :)

Actually, I agree with the points made by Debra especially about attending law school only if passionate about being a lawyer.

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