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July 31, 2015


Tom Stirewalt

My advice is to avoid Win-10 like the plague if you are in any
profession where client/patient confidentiality is a concern or
I believe MS has really really over reached on the terms and
privacy conditions.
The encryption key is stored on Ms servers, so it is not in
YOUR hands exclusively, which means the data, if subpoenaed for
example, can be de-crypted without your co-operation.
The Win-10 Operating System will routinely examine your EMAIL.
All of it. So what about your emails to your clients/patients.
Ms is doing all of this snooping supposedly to SELL your INFO
to marketers, AND, to make Cortana (the Siri-like) virtual
assistant be able to tailor responses to your questions, to your
habits and lifestyle.
You may be able to turn off some of these "features" but not
all of them. You can always decline to have a Microsoft Account
up on the web where your Microsoft (one-Drive) cloud storage is
kept on Microsoft servers, and use what is a "Local Account" [you
can do this now in Win 8.1]. But that does not appear to stop
the Operating System from perusing whatever else in on your hard
drive and phoning home.
This may be a fantastic opportunity for Linux, which is getting
easier and better all the time. The vast majority of software is
free/open source and does most everything the average Windoze
user wants to do.
From the user graphical user interface, there is not much
difference. Yes, under the hood is different, you will need to
learn some new stuff if you want to be your own computer tech.

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