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February 28, 2016


Tom Stirewalt

For the life of me, I cannot think of a single reason to wear a wearable computing device as an article of clothing.
As far as a smartwatch is concerned, everything on it is too small to read without my reading glasses.
Talking to my wrist is a no go too. Dick Tracy I am not. I will just stick the roach in my ear.
I really, really, really, do not want to know about my heartbeat, blood pressure, and insulin levels and all of the other "health" indicators on a moment to moment basis. IF, and I really mean IF, at some point there is an actual medical reason to monitor me minute by minute, second by second, I will most likely grudgingly comply.
I can see carting around an extra battery in a coat pocket, but I cannot see putting said battery into a wired vest, coat, pants so I can attach it to some device in need of charging.
I like the idea of a sunglasses style heads up display. Light weight, portable, and kills off the need for monitors on a desk. Not sure I want to walk around like that. Too many things to kill me, like the truck I would walk out in front of. You know, kinda like texting and walking? or driving?
I will stick with my phone in a holster attached to my waist, and unlike you, it has a a removable battery. But a nice, light, portable inductive charger would be nice.
How is your recovery going? You feeling ok now? Glad you got thru it ok. I like reading your stuff. Pat the birds on the noggin and tell them they are good birds, my wolfhounds send slobbery licks.

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