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November 21, 2016


Rick Nielsen

Say it ain't so Rick. Sounds like you gave up on Verizon mostly to save $ for a four user plan. Verizon is best for me with just two on my plan (even with a tablet, MiFi & G2).

Rick Georges

Actually, I have 7 phones and a couple of devices on the TMobile account, for about half what I was paying Verizon. And, it is actually faster here. Plus, I can add 8 more phones and 8 more devices, if I want. Of course, that is unlikely; but, you never know. And, data is unlimited. I also got a free WiFi hotspot that is very small and light, and a free phone for my former secretary, who needed a new one.


Congrats on halving your bill, Rick. I thought you were Verizon for life.

I am intrigued by the $2,700 in charges while cruising. How did that happen? Where the kids streaming the Lord of the Rings trilogy while you and SWMBO were binge watching all of Breaking Bad? Did Verizon reduce the charges for you? I always make my kids set their phones to wi-fi only when traveling internationally while I humor Verizon and pay the outlandish $25 for a paltry 100mb of data just in case I need it.

Rick Georges

Jay, if you think you can "make" your kids do anything, you are delusional. :-) But, our problem in Roatan was that, although we signed up for Verizon's global traveling plan, we were dinged for photos sent to the cloud automatically. Oh well. Live and learn. And, I am happy that I don't worry any longer about that stuff with TMobile. So far, there is no difference that we have noticed in the signal or service. In fact, it seems a little zippier here on the Gulf coast of Florida.

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