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December 11, 2016


Tom Stirewalt

. I am not so sure.
. Seems to only save images/pictures not actual text. So it is not searchable.
. Adobe Acrobat's .PDF format seems to be one of the save formats, but Acrobat's OCR does not work on handwriting.
. I am not sure looking thru a bunch of images on a computer screen is much of an improvement of looking thru a bunch of sheets of paper in a file folder.
. Microsoft OneNote (desktop version, not free "phone" version) DOES do actual handwriting recognition, saves as text, and is searchable (at least within OneNote itself). I installed it on a Dell XT2 convertable tablet/notebook with a touch screen and stylus) and take my hand notes on it, recognize it, and then sync the OneNote notebook to Microsoft's OneDrive and can then access it from other devices, such as my phone.
. Evernote will also accept handwriting, but will not recognize it and convert it to text, so it too is not searchable.
. For me, not being searchable is a deal breaker.
. Am interested in your take on the Boogie Board sync though. I have one of the old style Boogie Boards. Thought I could take quick notes, and then scan and at least save the images that way (long time ago), but alas, not enough contrast.
. Still waiting for some software that will let me scan in hand notes, say from a legal pad, and then recognize them to be saved as text. Would like "text" to be saved "under" the image of the actual handwriting, like Acrobat's OCR does with scanned typed text.

Rick Georges

I don't need it to be searchable. I can't search the handwritten scribbles on the yellow legal pads that I have strewn throughout my paper files now. My electronic documents are searchable already. I just want an easier, more convenient way to store my notes in an electronic matter file. I could scan my scratchings; but, I am hoping it is easier just to make the notes on a board, load them into the digital file I make for each matter, and erase and start over. I will let everyone know what I think of the quality of the board.

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