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August 22, 2018


Reed Martz

This is a serious, legitimate question: what do you use a smartwatch for? I was talking to someone recently wearing an Apple watch. He was apparently getting text messages and kept looking at his watch. It wasn't any less disruptive then if he had just removed his phone from his pocket. A lot of smart watches seem to only work well when paired with a phone, which in my opinion mostly defeats the point. I'm intrigued by them, and curious about some of the health tracking even though I don't really need those tools. Nevertheless, I'm constantly checking out prices and press releases. I guess my dilemma is what are they really good for that I can't already do with my S9? Convince me, please.

Richard Georges

Not my job to convince you, is it? But, since you ask, you can already check your calendar on a paper calendar; but, you do it on your smartphone. You can drive to your office or go to a payphone; but, you do it on your smartphone. I could go on; but, you should get the picture. Having a computer on your wrist enhances your life and practice. I get a vibration notice for texts, emails, heart rate, calendar reminders and phone calls, no matter where my phone is. In court, I know if something is important without distracting the court or others by taking out a phone. My smartwatch, with LTE capability, can receive my texts, emails and phone calls even if I leave my phone at home or at the office. I could go on; but, if you don't get it yet, then you probably don't want a smartwatch. I wonder if a lawyer said, in 1990, that he didn't need a cell phone because he could go to the payphone on the corner?

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