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July 25, 2019


Tom Kirkendall

An alternative -- and IMHO more balanced -- viewpoint: https://peterattiamd.com/is-red-meat-killing-us/

Richard M Georges

I am in exploratory mode, Tom. I make choices every day. How do you balance what the documentary reveals? Pretty damning. But, I am open every day to new possibilities. It is uniquely human. :-)

Tom Kirkendall

Not knocking the vegan nutritional approach, which -- as with most nutritional approaches -- is clearly superior to the awful standard American diet (SAD). I've reviewed much of the nutritional research and analysis of the research by experts whose views I respect. I've concluded that a meatless diet is not the healthiest for my lifestyle. But there is room for different views and I encourage you to review the research, as well as balanced analyses of the research. One thing is absolutely clear -- almost any approach is better than the SAD.

Richard M Georges

There is a second major issue, not related to nutrition. That is compassionate eating. Early in my career I worked in animal rights issues, and, while I continued my meat lifestyle, due to reliance on Keto diet, and habit, I was always uncomfortable with the fact that the animals we eat are sentient beings. That is, they feel pain and pleasure, and, while they lack human reason, they are clearly alert, alive and recognize their environment. I am not a zealot. I don't want to convert anyone. But, we all need to make choices, and I am happier making the choice not to eat meat.

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