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August 08, 2019


Tom Kirkendall

Coffee is great and generally healthy. Its main health risk is the impact on sleep from the caffeine, which has been proven to limit deep and REM sleep patterns during the night. Limiting such sleep patterns has all sorts of negative effects on health, including a higher risk of cognitive decline syndromes such as Alzheimer's. So, enjoy coffee, but do so in the morning and give yourself plenty of time for your body to get most of the caffeine out of your system before bedtime.

Richard M Georges

I can sleep right away, no matter the caffeine intake. Guess I am lucky that way. But, I do stop drinking coffee mid afternoon, unless I need to be alert later.

Tom Kirkendall

The issue isn't so much being able to sleep as the quality of the sleep. If the caffeine restricts your deep and REM stages of sleep, then your quality of sleep is affected despite your being able to sleep. There are devices and apps that are being developed to gauge the quality of sleep, probably the most promising of which is the Oura ring. Also, Dr. Matthew Walker of Cal-Berkeley, a prominent sleep researcher, has done a number of podcasts in which he has discussed the impact of caffeine on sleep quality. Two of the best ones are the two podcast interviews of Dr. Walker that Dr. Peter Attia posted recently.

Richard M Georges

I don't buy it. I have drunk 5 to 6 cups a day for decades. I sleep great. At least 7 hours every night. Other than old man bathroom visits, I sleep through. I feel great. Many things impact sleep quality, and caffeine use is so universal that trying to get study results is impossible. I call bullshit.

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